The moissanite you have purchased from Florentine is authentic and is the result of continuous innovation and refinement. Skilled gemcutters carefully examine blocks of raw moissanite, finding optimal ways to maximize the brilliance hidden within. They polish and facet each moissanite, patiently drawing out its full beauty. Your moissanite was manufactured by Florentine to meet its stringent specifications, and is held to a higher standard through our Limited Lifetime Warranty’s guarantee that your moissanite will retain its fire and brilliance during your lifetime. Authentic Florentine moissanite is also environmentally and socially responsible, and leads the way for conflict-free choices in the industry.

Authenticity is important to Florentine. Your moissanite, if 0.80ct Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW) or larger, has been laser engraved with information to aid in confirming that your gemstone is authentic Florentine moissanite. Each Florentine jewellery piece also comes with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number. To enhance your ability to confirm the authenticity of your Florentine moissanite(s) and jewellery, we recommend that you retain your purchase invoice and certificate(s) of authenticity.