There is a gem in everyone

We believe that everyone is special, unique and a beautiful gem in your own right. We started Florentine with one purpose - to help bring out the brightest version of that gem in you. 

Whether you are looking to start the journey of a lifetime with your soulmate, outshine and bedazzle at events, or simply celebrating a special moment in your life, we want to help you make great memories.  

Engrave your memories and let your personality shine through the perfect jewellery made just for you.

Our Story

We are a boutique jeweller born in Singapore focusing on moissanite and lab grown diamonds. Having gone through the journey for customized jewelleries ourselves, we found a market opportunity to bring down heavily inflated pricing (cutting through the middleman) and outclass others with excellent service beyond the transaction. With that, we strive to serve our customers with top quality product at the right price. 

Our values

We are fully committed to our customers. We believe that excellent customer service goes beyond the transaction. We understand your needs and are here to serve you. We operate with integrity and use our business as a force for good.

Bringing you quality products. We believe in providing you with great products that exceed expectations. Our designs are timeless and luxurious. We craft our pieces using only the finest precious metals and top-quality gemstones. Our customers deserve nothing but best.